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FIREHub International

Monica & Kell Bales

We’re excited to share the vision: Connecting People – Connecting Ministries – Equipping the Saints – to bring Heaven to Earth! This ministry is all about sharing the love of Jesus Christ – no more, no less. OUr mission is to see the Ekklesia (Body of Christ) connected through relationships and equipped to expand the Kingdom of Heaven throughout the Earth as Jesus stated in Matthew 6:10.

FIREHub International Ministry Phases

Phase 1: Highlight ministries by name (think Pandora)
Phase 2: Highlight ministries by name (think Spotify)
Phase 3: Interactive map (think Zillow)
  • Select the region/Zip/Address & range (e.g. 25, 50, 100 miles)
  • Select the date range
  • Results will pop up on map & then send to your mobile device
Phase 4: Pop-up notifications, more interactive, create app
Phase 5: BeThereLIVE feeds
  • Place 4K - 360 degree - LIVE streaming cameras at major events
  • Interact with augmented reality or Oculus for BeThereLIVE experiences
  • Low-cost subscriptions for events; premium package with backstage cameras
Phase 6: FIREHub International Global Outreach Centers
  • 24/7 "Fiesta" Worship Center connected globally
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response Center for equipment, logistics C2
  • Training & Equipping - with living quarters available for missionaries
  • Small Medical & Dental centers for community outreach
  • Food pantry & donation/distribution center

Upcoming Events